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a little something extra

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What do you think?


I have a question.

I had an interesting conversation with a co-worker a while back, it started when they asked me how I was recovering from my surgery. We got to talking about getting older, our bodies going to pot, food, diets et cetera.  At one point I said something about the bruises and scars on my stomach and that they really didn't matter to me, it wasn't like I was going to be wearing a bikini any time soon anyway.  To which my co-worker replied that no way would I look bad in a bikini, and I should wear one if I want to.  Then we sequed onto another topic.

Pretty nice compliment, I thought later.

Now, my question: 
 Would you feel any different receiving a compliment from a male or female co-worker? 

Leave me a comment and I'll reveal if my co-worker was a guy or gal in my next post!




Kea said...

It the compliment was work-related, I wouldn't feel any differently.

If the compliment was personal, specifically related to how I look, I would dismiss it, regardless of the gender of the person who gave it.

BTW, compliments from straight males to straight females in the work environment could be very, very touchy. In my work place, no male would give a compliment related to how I look--even if he did notice. LOL.

Kea said...

BTW, my mom has had multiple abdominal surgeries, from the time she was 23 to more recent years. She has scar tissue over scar tissue and it never dissuaded her from wearing a bikini. She had a terrific figure, but even if she hadn't, there would have been no reason to avoid wearing a bikini if she wanted to.

Anyone who has a problem with your scars has a problem -- i.e. it's their problem, not yours.

Admiral Hestorb said...

No, it doesn't bother me when receiving a compliment from a co-worker. If you meant that..or did you mean does it, the compliment make one feel a bit happier? In that event, most times it is a boost to my mood even if for a few minutes. I always appreciate those. :-) My guess is the compliment you got was from a female. Women tend to be more complimentary I think.

The Island Cats said...

If the compliment came from a woman co-worker, it probably wouldn't phase to me. If it came from a male co-worker, I would be totally surprised. In this day and age of sexual harassment and what is PC, the men I work with usually shy away from giving compliments. And I work with a bunch of lawyers which makes it even more unlikely!

Island Cats' mom

ABBY said...

I guess I fall back into the 'old' school -- and if someone gives me a compliment whether they are male or female, I take it at face value and appreciate it.

I do believe we all to some degree take pride in our appearances,(and I do mean S-O-M-E)...because what one person who deem excessive another would say was mandatory.

I say if ya wanna wear a bikini wear it.
No one notices scars.


Old Kitty said...

I love compliments from all genders at my work! I'm not fussy so long as they compliment me! LOL! Take care

Mr Puddy said...

Hi, Puddy's mom is here

I think in the same way as your co-worker,Mom Trish. I remember your photos after your surgery. That was HOT ! serious !

For me , My co-worker always say " Boom , You are crazy or You are 99% fat free ( I'm too skinny ) but I took it all as compliments : )

For me Man and Woman's compliment are the same, It's up to circumstance and how close they are. But in general I do like Girl's compliment , Because Boy's compliment can turn to be other meaning.

But I still you are HOT, Mom Trish
Go for Bikini : )

Lisa said...

From a woman, I would laugh out loud and turn beat red. From a man, I would laugh out loud, turn beat red and eye them with suspicion for the rest of their natural lives (what does he want from me).

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Really, it depends on the compliment...being told I'd look great in a bikini and should wear one if I want to would make me feel good whether from a male or a female. That said, the better and longer I've know the co-worker the more accepting I am of said compliment. I worked for years in the defense industry, very male dominated. My partner at work was a young man who occasionally called me "mom" when I would give him advice about something...and really, I'm old enough to be his mother! We were friends along with the one other woman in our dept. who wasn't a "wailing bitch" but was also young enough to be my kid. One Saturday when we were the only ones on the floor he cranked up some tunes (they called them oldies!) and when I started rocking out and singing along to AC/DC they both sat in stunned silence then said "wow, you not only look younger than you are, you act younger too. No wonder we like hanging with you." Best compliment ever...

Abby said...

It wouldn't matter. Male or female, they'd get the same response from me.

Loud, maniacal laughter.