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a little something extra

Sunday, May 1, 2011

How Long Will it Grow?


In keeping with my fashion-rebellious lifestyle, last fall when it got cold (that's below 80 F for me) I decided, just for kicks, to quit shaving my legs to see what would happen, hair-wise.
Let me qualify this by saying that except for my head, I'm not terribly hirsute.  I don't have to shave the 12 lone stragglers under my arms, and the backs of my calves are bare naturally.  But the scientist in me was interested (in a sick and twisted sort of way) in  just how long leg hair would grow.  

So I hung my razor out to dry early last November.  No problem.  I'm a shaving sloth anyway.  The first couple of weeks was fine, and then it was Long Sock Season.  Hubby was vaguely aware of my "project" as I called it, but really didn't pay attention until one day in early February  when we were cruising down the highway and I said "Check out my hairy legs!  It's really getting LONG!" and pulled up my pants leg.

Scott almost drove off the road.

I ended up deforesting my legs the week before my surgery.  In four months the hair grew an inch and a half...and I think it was still getting longer.  My question is, would it have grown forever?  Or is there some predetermined terminal length?  Inquiring Scientific minds want to know.




Anonymous said...

I, too, hang up the razor for winter and it's really cold here in New England. I'm not very hairy either. I don't think it gets to be more than three quarters of an inch, and it's very soft, when I resume removal in the spring.
BTW, a local NPR program--Living on Earth--credited "Patricia" as responsible for LV holding water usage to what it was 10 years ago despite a big increase in population. You? Very impressive!

Lizzie (& 3 kitties) in MA

Kea said...

OMG, hilarious. I'm very hairy. Most of it blonde, thankfully. In the winter, my idea of sloth is not shaving my legs for 3 or 4 days. In the summer, it's pretty much every day. Do not talk to me about waxing--I've tried it and I'm just NOT into that kind of pain. Besides, my hair grows very quickly too--who needs that agony every week or 10 days? *shudder*

Old Kitty said...

Pics!!! I want pics!! LOL!! I;m kidding!! Oooh let's talk hair!!

Most of my skin is naturally bare. I don't have to or need to shave (sorry!!!)my legs but I do have underarm hair. My sister on the other hand is smoooooooooooooth and wouldn't know what to do with a razor if she ever saw one!!!

All my hair seems to grow from the top of my head (head hair is now reaching bum level!LOL!). I do remember this programme where this woman didn't wash her hair. For the first 7 weeks her hair went so icky she nearly gave up but on the eight week, her hair sort adjusted and then begun to grown shiny and lush - it was as if it adapted. She's not washed her hair since and her hair is lovely - well it was when I saw the programme over 15 years now! LOL!

I would love to know if your leg hair would have grown longer. My amateurish guess is that yes, it would have cos that's what hair does!! I'd love to know if it was straight or curly hair and if it was thin or lush!!! One of these days, we'd all love our hair wherever it grows out from!!

Take care

Admiral Hestorb said...

I tend not to shave my legs more than once every three weeks or so in the winter but summer brings on lush growth no matter where you look..my head, underarms and leggies. So I start bush hogging my legs long about March.

Admiral Hestorb said...

This is Admiral's mommy...the Admiral definitely does not approve of shaving any bit of her gorgeous body. Besides, Rupert would NOT approve.

ABBY said...

Loved it!

I have found that as the hormone levels decrease the less hair there is.

Just when I thought I wanted one of those "no no" products. (permanent hair removal)


Natalie said...

I laughed out loud at "Scott almost drove off the road." Heehee!

I'm about as pale as it's humanly possible to be without being albino, I have very dark hair, and I'm Eastern European, so to attempt an experiment such as yours would likely result in my being mistaken for a yeti.

Fin said...

I can tell you for certain that it has a pre-determined length... I won't mention how I know it though...

Peaceful said...

I hate living where shaving ones legs is pressed upon me-
spring has come & the job is done- I do believe the length is predetermined, like ones eyebrows :P

Admiral Hestorb said...

I came back to read the replies. This is the Admiral's mom. Dang, I need to use my own bloggie addy. LOVED the replies.

Boom Nisanart said...

OMC ! I laugh so much, Mom Trish
"Check out my hairy legs! It's really getting LONG!" Ha..Ha..Ha.. That kill me !..Ha..Ha..

I didn't have much hair on body but have some, not a good look because it's long but random grow up on my leg. My tip, Wear long pants at all time..heh..heh.

Love to talk with you. It's always FUN !

Lisa said...

Ha, ha, ha! This is a great topic. Leave it to Trish! I am of Sicilian descent and, well I get a 5:00 shadow on my legs about 2 hours after I shave them. That does not, however, mean that I shave everyday. I shave my legs once a week generally and on special occasions ;). The pits must be done daily. Just for fun I'll add that I was born with a unibrow, but my mom paid good money to have those hairs burned out of me when I turned 12. Unlike what Abby's mom said, in our family, when the hormones change we do not slow down our hair growth...it miraculously starts growing in under the chin and on the upper lip! Lovely, huh?

looloo said...


I come from a farmers' family, where I NEVER saw a razor in the hands of a woman! No make-up, no legs or underarm shaving, and... strange enough, I never saw my mother or one of my aunts wear pants! That's why I can tell you with certainty: leghair has a predetermined length: when I shaved my legs the first time, I was more or less 36, it was about 2 cms long. One of my colleagues had remarked on it, and that's why I did it, and that's why I still do it now, every 3-4 days, just for myself because my husband does not bother about it and I never wear pants (but long skirts...).

Nice to share this with you!