a little something extra

a little something extra

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Weird Day


Hubby is usually always home.  He works out of the house and herds Kats all day.  (Hard to say which one is more time consuming...)  Today though, he was GONE!  He went to help a buddy paint a rental house that the previously tenants had totally trashed.  In our former lives Hub and I had rentals and managed a couple more units, so we're old hands at turning a property in minimum time on a budget.

ANYWAY, I had the day off and it was WEIRD having the house to myself.  Quiet.  I had to go and do some pre-op stuff like bloodwork and an EKG so I was in and out, and whenever I got home there were MANY pairs of eyes on me and hundreds of toes drumming, as if to say "where have you been and why aren't you waiting on us?"

 I have new respect for the Chief Kat Wrangler at the Katnip Lounge.  These little buggers are demanding!

Six days to surgery!




Old Kitty said...

Awwwww!! Your gorgeous kitties are very lucky to have such a great mum and dad!! Yay!!

Six days to surgery! I'm upping the masses of hugs and prayers your way!!! Take care

ABBY said...

I have been out all day and who was at the door to get me? My hungry buddy Jinx who just about knocked me down to say my dinner is 2 hours late and where the he** have you been woman?

I understand.


Winnie said...

Good luck with the surgery.

from Winnie the greyhound and family

Mr Puddy said...

Puddy's mom is here : )

I feel similar to you. My husby is a painter, Most of the time , he always be home more than me. And he is a chatterbox : ) When he isn't home. I think I can hear the air move ( I'm kidding ). It's too quite !!! so I have to turn the TV. on.

I saw you count down to surgery : )
I was pretty lucky when I did surgery. It's all of a sudden. I didn't have a chance to wait. My one is pretty emergency. If They didn't do it, I can end up with dead.
After I have blood test for few days, they just do it !
I'm not sure which one is better. But you will be alright Mom Trish. You always has a positive thought and strong mind : ) I believe it help.

Mom Boom and Puddy