a little something extra

a little something extra

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Surgery for Dummies


I'm back in the land of the living.
Here's a little account of my experience:

Hubby and I arrived at the hospital at 8:45 AM.  I had checked in and settled up the previous afternoon so we went right up to surgery, where we waited a little while, less than a half hour.  The pre-op nurse, Pam, came to get me and she did THE best job inserting an IV needle ever.  Even though it hurt going in (I think that part is the worst) I had no bruising on my hand.  She helped me on with compression hose (for blood clot prevention) and got me settled in with warm blankets.  Hubby came in to wait with me until it was time to go.

Surgery was scheduled at 10:00 and by 10:20 I was wheeled away down to the OR suites.  I saw my surgeon, Dr. Vyas, the anesthesiologist, Dr. Chuck, and my OR nurse, Bethany.  They all individually made sure I was who I was, that I was indeed born on my birthday, and what parts I was there to have removed.  I passed all the quizzes and was rewarded with more warm blankets.  Naturally, as soon as I was all warm and cozy Bethany moved me into the OR and welcomed me to "The IceBox".  (It's cold in there so the patient's metabolism slows down.)  Dr. Chuck asked me about my job as I swapped guerneys...

...and I woke up in recovery.

The recovery room is really nice and warm.  The nurses talk to you in loud voices, and keep waking you up.  I didn't mind; one of the times I was awake I learned how to use the PCA pump, heretofore referred to as "the Button".  The Button, when pressed, delivered unbelievably good medicine (dilaudid) into my brain.  I was in pain, but hot damn!, I just didn't care.  

The next thing I remember is my room, and the nurse fussing over me and Hubby arriving.  I was stoned out of my mind by this point...Hubby says I was pretty happy...so did my folks when I called them as well as a couple of friends.  The Button allowed itself to be pressed every 10 minutes, and by golly, I can tell time.  Hubby fed me apple sauce, and I had so much fun waiting for the plane (spoon) to arrive laden with yummy mush.

Then it was night.  Pete, my night nurse, put compression cuffs on my calves which alternately squeezed and relaxed my legs, moving the blood around.  It sounds torturous, but was actually very soothing and kept my feet nice and warm because of the forced circulation.  The nursing aide, Marcos, came in and took my vitals; he joked that he'd see the nuns in my room in the morning as my blood pressure and heart rate were so low.  In between interruptions I pressed the Button, drank cranberry juice, and slept.

In the morning I felt pretty good as long as I didn't move, which of course everybody wanted me to do.  After  breakfast--eggs, bacon, juice, coffee and a muffin--the day nurse Irma cajoled ordered me out of bed and we cruised the halls for a bit.  Dr. Oliver (another surgeon) came in to see me and give me the thumbs-up for release.  Irma removed the catheter and IV.  I went back to bed, ate an excellent lunch, and had a long nap.  I woke up in some "discomfort" and I was given a pain pill...not the Button's caliber of pain-killer, I can attest.  Another nap, and Hubby reappeared, this time to take me home.  I was a little afraid to go home, I wasn't sure I'd be OK, I was really hurting by now.  But home we went, and four days later I'm feeling fine as frog's hair.  I've got some nasty bruises around my incisions, but no stitches--the Docs glued me shut!  I took one more pain pill the night I got home and after that I haven't needed them.  I imagine by next week I'll be bored out of my mind.  Thank goodness for all of you to keep me occupied.  Thanks for thinking of me this week.  Thanks for all your cards and emails and comments.  They mean the world to me.

Thank-you Hubby, for being my rock.

And Thank-you Pam, Drs. Vyas, Chuck, & Oliver, Bethany, Pete, Marcos, and Irma for taking such good care of me when my life was in your hands.




ABBY said...

Oh I am so glad to hear how well you are doing.
No stitches!
That's great.
Do you know what your treatment will be going forth?


Kea said...

Wow, that was quite the run down. In your shoes, I would have have preferred to be unconscious before they put the IV in. LOL.

So glad you are doing well, Trish. Lots of prayers were being sent up and candles lit.


Old Kitty said...

My goodness Trish!!Wow!!! That was one helluva surgery!!!! More of this happy drug please!!

But seriously!! I'm so glad you are home now all glued shut and healing. I hope you continue to rest and take things easy!!! It's great to hear that the hospital staff took such wonderful care of you!! Yay for them!!!!! And Yay for your hubby too!!! Most of all yay for you!!!!

Take care

Admiral Hestorb said...

I am so relieved to know you feel good (as you are able) now and that this is all behind you. At least if MY hisser is removed (no one will know me if I don't hiss) I will have a good idea what will happen.

Love and hugs..SO glad you're home.

Natalie said...

My goodness, that sounds like quite the ordeal. But it sounds like they took great care of you at the hospital, and that your hubby is taking wonderful care of you in your recovery. (And no stitches - nice!) I hope everything continues to heal smoothly!

Mr Puddy said...

I'm so happy you are doing great ! and thanks for sharing your journey with us. And No stitches ! that's awesome !
Believed it or not your menu in hospital is better than mine ( When I was in Hospital )

Lots of Love and Hugs
Mom Boom and Puddy

PS : I still wonder how your cats react to you after hospital ?

The Chair Speaks said...

Glad you are recovering well.
Did your kitties miss you?

BeadedTail said...

I'm so glad everythine went so well and you are recovering so quickly! With 13 cats to entertain you, how can you be bored? :)

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Wow, this is a really exciting story! Especially the Button part. My Human really, really, really likes the sound of THAT. It's too bad they didn't give you one to bring home with you, for those times when SomeKitty or SomeHuman annoys you. Just press the Button & voila! Good times!

The Human and I are thrilled you are feeling well again!

Oskar said...

Oskar's mom person Pam here,

I'm glad you got such good care and would you not pay to have the dilaudid button to carry home with you, lol!

I hope you continue your speedy recovery,

Punapippuri said...

Really pleased to read how well it went. I do remember feeling sooooo much better as soon as these bits were removed, and I had a lovely sick leave :)

GrammyMouseTails said...

Glad to hear you are home & doing well. I wished I could of had a button to use! I could use one now, and play air plane, ooo weee!
I know all your kitties must be happy to have the bed warmer home! Take good care of your self!
hugs, Faythe ~GMT

Cloon said...

Glad to hear everything went so well and that you are feeling well. It will be nice to have time to snuggle with the kitties. My continued purr-ayers to you.

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

I'm glad to hear it all went well. You'll feel like a new woman now!

Clarissa said...

Clarissa's mom here....they kept me for four days when I had my surgery! I'm glad you got to go home so soon. Ah...The Button! The Button was my friend, too. I had morphine. Wonderful relaxing morphine...lol. I took one pill for pain the night I got home. I had nightmares and I didn't take another one. Clarissa snuggled with me and she was better than any meds! Glad you are home and on the mend!


Hannah and Lucy said...

We're delighted that everything went well and you came home so quickly - think that is better than hospital beds and food. Also probably the surgeon was worried that all your cats would set on him if he kept you away from them too long!!
Best wishes Sue (the mum)

Junior and Orion said...

You are so lucky! I didn't get that magical button! Glad you are doing well. Don't over do it and have a set back!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Thank God for magical buttons, pain killers, surgical super glue and drs. and nurses who are not only good at their jobs but really care about their patients! Oh, and mom says those warm blankets are just heavenly...

Lucy the Cat said...

It sounds like you had wonderful doctors and nurses taking care of you! So glad to hear you're recovering so well!


Fin said...

Wow you are a great healer! Glad you're good~

The Island Cats said...

Island Cats' mom here. So glad everything went well with the surgery and you are doing good. Take advantage of your recovery time...even if you do get a little bored!

Derby, Ducky said...

Gee, I had three days in the hospital, staples and morphine in my PCA. Otherwise pretty much the same. Once I was home, no pain pills etc.