a little something extra

a little something extra

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday, Monday

Although today is my Tuesday, I have to deal with folks and THEIR Monday today at work.  Buncha whiny crankypants!  Try getting up at 4:30 AM on Sunday...then we'll talk.

Da Bears lost their bid to play in the Superbowl.  I am so disappointed but not really surprised.  I'm a Chicago Cubs fan too so I'm used to being *this* close and then losing; the Cubbies haven't won a pennant in over 100 years.  Not that I've been alive that long.  Yet. 
I'm gonna root for the Steelers to win in two weeks.  Lousy Green Bay Packers, grumblegrumblegrumble.

The "new" Great room's feng shui is good!  All of Saturday's hard work paid off.  Felix is starting to accept the changes, he's a hard nut to crack.  May Ling and Sweet Pea have called a temporary truce until they can figure out the best ways to stalk and attack one another.  But the BEST part is this:  the remote that controls the TV's sound system Does Not Work from where Hubby sits--so I get to control the volume!!!  He claims he's not deaf but you would never know it...

My desk is against the green wall...and please note the Cat bed on the table!




Mr Puddy said...

Me and my mom don't know what this room look like before but we really love the way you do...Open space !...feel airy and light !

Mom love your style as well..Look Funky Retro : )

Old Kitty said...

Oh it looks so spacious and bright and lovely and with wonderful Mr Johnny stalking away!!! What a great room!!!! Yay for the cat bed on the table!!

Take care

Kea said...

I swear, you guys have the coolest house ever. :-)

Well done!

Admiral Hestorb said...

You DO have the coolest house ever!!! I love looking and learning about not only all of you residents but how you function as a unit..and united you are! ♥

ABBY said...

We love it.
We are sure all the kitties will too!

♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥