a little something extra

a little something extra

Monday, March 7, 2011



This is it.
I have come UNGLUED!

Rather, my incisions have.
After two long, itchy weeks the last of the surgical glue peeled off today in the shower.  What a relief!  I still have a couple of stitches poking out which are supposed to dissolve and fall off.  We shall see how long I can put up with them poking before I do a little creative surgery myself.  Any bets?

I went to the Doc today for a check-up and as I was going into a room he went running out of the office, to attend at an emergency C-section.  I rescheduled for another day...I sure hope the Mom and baby are OK.  I was cleared to drive...which I've already done.  What a rebel, I putted over to the grocery store--pretty tame.

I finished "The Emperor of all Maladies".  An excellent book--you would think a history of cancer would be dry and boring but I was fascinated.  I've also read "Unbroken"--the life of Louis Zampirini, Olympic champion and WWII Japanese POW.  What a powerful book, I stayed up way late to finish it.  This one will go on my top 10 list for 2011.  I have some fiction written by women in the 1940's on my nightstand, more on those later.

So my convalescence is passing pretty well.  The cats are thrilled to have me home, it means another person at their beck and call all day, and usually a lap with a blanket on it is available, too.  And nothing heals better than a purring cat.




Old Kitty said...

Creative reading - yes!
Creative writing - yes!
Creative rebellion - yes!
Creative self surgery - erm... NO!!!!! LOL!!!!!

Take care

Peaceful said...

But oh that little store must have been a delight!
after foot surgery and being stuck inside, I went to a cvs down the street & everything was SO great hahaha

Natalie said...

So glad your recovery is progressing smoothly! The idea of surgical glue squicks me out a bit, but it's great that you're healing up! And you're so right - purring kitties are fantastic medicine.

ABBY said...

So glad to hear you are doing so well!
A well deserved rest too!


Admiral Hestorb said...

You are doing so well and I know it has to do with your nursies! ♥