a little something extra

a little something extra

Sunday, March 13, 2011



I've got guts!  
I know, because I saw the pictures.
It was cool, I'm all pink and healthy under my skin.  It was fascinating to SEE what lurks inside of me...

I went in for a follow up with the surgeon, and he had photos of my innards...as well as the stuff that became my outards.   I had several large fibroids in my uterus, and a cyst the size of golf ball on my left ovary.  No wonder I had pain all the time in my guts!  In fact, it's kind of strange not having that constant ache all the time.  Not that I miss it, but I do notice it's no longer there.
Everything came back benign, hurrah!

So the weather here has finally turned to Spring...it's been in the 80's on the Catio in the afternoons, perfect for reading and napping on the chaise.  Yup, I've found my lazy groove.  And here I thought I was going to be bored!  Riiiiiiight.  

Looks like I have the guts to handle ennui, after all!




BeadedTail said...

So glad everything was benign! Yay! Lounging on the catio sounds purrfect!

Old Kitty said...

You are truly one gutsy woman!! Yay!!! LOL!!!!!

I'm so glad that all is benign with you! Phew!!! Now enjoy your ennui and take care! xx

Kea said...

Such a relief that everything was benign. That's terrific news, Trish.

Temps in the 80s, huh? I was thrilled that we had 36F yesterday. Seriously.

ABBY said...

Oh Trish that is fabulous.
I know you are so relieved now that everything is over!
Enjoy your relaxation time.


Natalie said...

Heh, "outards."

I'm so glad everything turned out to be benign - that's great news!

Fin said...

Glad your innards are out and everything went fine! We'll have to celebrate!

Danielle said...

We're very glad that everythings A Okay!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Benign? Awesome!